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Used to prevent the spread of tooth decay or fix smaller fractures, a filling can be the correct solution to some dental problems.  Before placement, any decay must be removed. There are two different types of fillings: amalgam (otherwise known as silver fillings) and composite resin, the color of which can be customized to match your natural teeth.


Made up of silver, copper, mercury, and tin, amalgam fillings are the most durable and economical option for our patients. They last a very long time and are less likely to need to be replaced. Commonly used for filling in molar cavities, amalgam fillings can withstand biting pressure and can be fully administered in a single visit. Despite the mercury content, these silver fillings have been used for decades and have been deemed safe by the ADA and FDA for children 6 years and older.

Composite Resin

Since the color of a composite resin filling can be matched close to your natural tooth color, it is the most aesthetically pleasing option. However, it is more expensive and often needs to be replaced more often than silver fillings. Composite resin is ideal for repairing chipped or cracked teeth, filling in a tooth gap, correcting dental discoloration, protecting any exposed tooth root from gum recession, or changing the shape of teeth. Patients may also choose composite resin for cavity fillings as they are bonded to the teeth in layers and therefore require less drilling away of the natural tooth.